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As we trundled our weary bones down to the bodega this overcast afternoon with Minuteflag's "Fetch the Water" spinning in the brain-pan, 1990 happened all over again. We spied a man wearing Oakley Razor Blades in a clean Cadillac Allant . The XLR's Pininfarina-bodied, wrong-wheel-drive older brother actually looked pretty damn good. In fact, we'd go so far as to say it's a future cult classic — especially the final 290-hp Northstar-powered models from 1993. Sure, the quality control was typically Italian, which, combined with the collective Seasonal Affective Disorder of the workers in Hamtramck who performed final assembly, led to some durability issues. Meanwhile, we're gonna go scour eBay for a pair of iridium-lensed Razor Blades.

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