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We're not sure how something like this could have happened, but apparently a candidate for North American Truck Of the Year, the new-for-2007 Jeep Wrangler, was somehow left off of the balloting during the first round of voting β€” a process that's already selected three finalists, the Chevy Silverado, the Ford Edge and it's little cousin, the Mazda CX-7. Now, the folks who run the show are asking the 49 automotive journalist jurists to take another swipe of the pen to the newly-inclusive ballot and revote for all candidates. If the Wrangler...

...makes it into the top three vote-getters, it'll be allowed to advance and join the three finalists. If it doesn't β€” it goes home empty-handed. We can't help but wonder how the hell this happened, and more importantly why it took until now for anyone to notice. Our best guess is Chrysler PR chieftain and sometimes pirate captain, Jason Vines, took a look at the list of winners and started to raise a stink. All we know is this is a slight which must not go unpunished β€” someone bring me the head of Detroit Auto Dealers Association president Joe Serra right this very instant! [Hat tip to Igor!]

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