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According to the US Department of Ex—Oil Company Executives Energy in a new report yet to be published, the tangle of Christmas-tree lights known as the power grid can handle an upsurge in plug-in hybrids lickety split. The report, via The Car Connection, points out that by employing off-peak energy production via existing capacity, the grid could support 84 percent of the US's 220 million vehicles for their daily commute if such vehicles were plug-in hybrids — though Eastern and Midwest states have enough surplus capacity to power 100 percent plug-in hybrids in those areas. The bad news is that emissions from coal-fired powerplants would increase in the near term, though the report suggests increased demand would spur the building of more, cleaner-coal plants. We're starting to really feel for those poor grandma-molesting Enron utility traders, gone before the party even started.

[via The Car Connection]

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