Lotus is the new Lotus

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The incredibly confusing mess of the two Team Loti in Formula One has, as expected, apparently been resolved at an FIA meeting. From next year on, the gold-and-black Lotus cars will be called Lotuses, while the yellow-and-green Lotus cars will be called Caterhams.

This will perhaps make discussing Formula One races a tad simpler, and gone will be the days of referring to Bruno Senna’s car as the-black-Lotus-which-used-to-be-Renault-and-then-Renault-kinda-sorta-got-out-of-F1-and-this-dude-from-Luxemburg-got-involved-and-some-Malaysian-dudes-too-but-not-the-Malaysian-dude-who-runs-Air-Asia-because-that’s-the-yellow-and-green-Lotus-anyway-it’s-the-Lotus-that-makes-the-ugly-noise-in-the-corners-because-of-the-forward-facing-exhausts-oh-wait-that-won’t-happen-next-year-because-of-the-new-rules-on-exhausts-oh-fuck-it-just-watch-the-guy-in-the-yellow-helmet-who’s-not-Lewis-Hamilton, replaced with Lotus.


Simple? Simple. Oh, wait, it’s not: Joe Saward has the full story, as always.

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