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The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced the final changes in rules on fuel economy first proposed last January after mileage tests were last updated in 1985, and as most consumers know, don't at all reflect reality. Whether you're driving a Prius or an Explorer, the mileage on dealer stickers provide nothing more than an overly optimistic view of driving reality. Although no word yet on the specific changes, which will include a redesigned label for the Monroney sticker, the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers (NAMBLA) says its new website will grudgingly provide spin details on the changes.

UPDATE: Toyota claims the Prius will see city mileage estimates drop up to 30 percent and highway estimates drop as much as 20 percent — the new tests could drop average fuel economy from 60 city/51 highway to somewhere in the 40s for the Prius. [Hat tip to Detroit News]

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