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Okay, so the Loverman's DAF fixation is righteously awesome (although some of us are secretly wondering if dude fell in love with a Dutch prostitute/coke mule). Regardless, the rest of us shall not front. But all DAFs aside for the moment, often overlooked in the scheme of wacky shit Citro n has pulled over the years is the FAF, which stands for Facile Fabriquer and Facile Finance. Which means it should probably have been called the FAF et FAF. Do not ask us, as we are only slightly French, and Alsatian French at that, so we might be German. Europe was a messy place in the 19th century.

Regardless, the thing was based on the goddamn Deux-Mofuggin'-Chevaux and featured a boxy steel body that sort of made it resemble a non-plastic Mehari drawn up by whatever's the Gallic equivalent of a third-grader somewhere in a two-room schoolhouse's detention room on the outskirts of Marsailles. Resultantly, miraculously and thusly, said design was rather immediately constructed of surplus building materials. We have never, ever seen one in person. But we hope to. We really, really hope to.

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