Austin Grand Prix to F1: We'll move to 2013, please don't hurt us

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The Circuit of the Americas in Austin agreed to bump its inaugural Formula One grand prix to 2013 in light of recent financial troubles and F1 Muppet-master Bernie Ecclestone's promise/threat to hold the race back until he gets his money.


In a statement released to the press, Steve Sexton, the Circuit of the Americas president, announced the delay, which they hope will give the Austin track a chance to get its affairs in order for the F1 circus to make its way to Texas. Hopefully, plans to bring MotoGP and Aussie V8 Supercars to the track are still on schedule.


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Reuters is reporting now that Bernie has given until the Brazilian GP (Nov 27) for ALL the money or no more Austin!!

I know you all are down on Bernie but it is America's fault!

I need to re-post something that I added too late (Thu 17 Nov 2011 1:18 AM) to get read but I really want some answers:

What is wrong with America and F1?

Why do you suck at F1 sooo much that America systemically destroys everything it touches that is F1 related?

The inability to keep a regular race in any given location.

Inability to attract attendance at the home of American Motorsport - The Brickyard's F1 race

Now the inability to fund your approved re-entry to F1 at Austin and now risk losing the race.

A dead in the water team (USGP) that was obviously a nice dream but never had the backing to survive the first race - and didn't even make it that far.

And I wont even mention Michael Andretti - oops just did!

Each attempt has sullied the name of F1 and if it weren't for the air-tight control and sharply run events (& Bernie) elsewhere in the world F1 would have a black eye.

Seriously, its not a money thing, you still have plenty of billionaires. Is it apathy to embrace a European sport that you cant own and fear it will not cross over to mainstream motorsports fans? Perhaps your NASCAR overload has your souls enslaved to kill off F1.

I don't get it America and I want an explanation.

(I don't intend a flame war - though this will prob start one - but I really would like to hear your opinions. Yes I admit there have been many contributions by individuals (Mario Andretti and even Eddie Cheever etc.) and companies (Goodyear etc.) but as a whole America's embrace of this sport is more a slap in the face)