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A test mule of Porsche's upcoming sedan (sorry, four-door coupe?) — the Panamera — has been spotted in Europe sporadically since this past summer. Now, AutoExpress has long-lens spy video footage of the car, as it began a grueling week of roadway flogging. While the mule looks like something Porsche, don't expect the final product to be so ungainly. Engineers likely fashioned the disguise out of parts it had lying about — a bit of 911 here, a piece of Cayman there, a dash of Cayenne... The final product will debut at the 2009 Geneva show, and according to AE, will have a front-mounted 3.5-liter Volkswagen V6 as its base engine, producing 300 hp, with a Porsche-built V8 in naturally aspirated (350 hp) and twin-turbo (560 hp) versions available to those with bond-trading bonuses melting their Dockers.

Porsche Panamera: First footage of Porsche's four-door coupe testing [AutoExpress]

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