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We wannabe upper crusty anglophile types are already busy drooling over the allure from the double-decadent Havana coupe. Now Bentley springs this on us? As the revitalized German British marquee nears the brand-imploding 9,000 cars a year threshold, they are going to need new steel to maintain their momentum. Wait, not steel — as was dictated by sharing a chassis with brother Phaeton — Al-you-min-e-um. The new Continentals will use Audi's lightweight MLB platform, probably shedding half a ton in the process. Much more interesting (says me), is the likelihood of low volume offshoots, including a four-door drop-top, a sedanca and most wonderful of all, a shooting brake! And if Davey G. calls the latter a "hatch back," I'm sicking Daniel Craig on his ass.

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