The magic Krucoff did the world a solid by posting Jawbreaker's magnificent "Kiss the Bottle" recently. There may be no better song that sums up our experiences in 1990s/early-Aughts San Francisco than this one. And for at least three of Los Jalops and probably roughly four readers, we know what it's like to bomb heartbroken through the City by the Bay — possibly inebrious — in a V8 musclecar. Likely with either Jawbreaker or Jets to Brazil on the stereo. Click through for the rudimentary-mashup deal.

Click here for the song. Let it load and then mash play for the video. We guarantee you will want an empty-stomach fifth of Dewar's for lunch, every one of your ex-girlfriends back and a car with an engine displacing between 390 and 440 cubic inches. And yes, we know the track doesn't match up to the film length-wise, but you can always loop the tune. Best served with headphones for maximum guitar hugeness and eight-pot growl.

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