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Grab your toques, hosers, because it's time for the little green autojournos of the Canadian Dominion to play hail-to-the-Queen, quaff a chilled Molson and run down their favorite vehicles available in a land that is north of most of our states, and features a bay that is larger than San Francisco's or Chesapeake's. Much larger, in fact. It was named after Henry Hudson, and as far as we know, he predates the step-down Hornet, a car which our father admires greatly and was once portrayed by Paul Newman. The bay also features the Belcher Islands, which must be quite humorous after seventeen bottles of Labatt's. Also, there is a track there called Mosport, which we think is almost as good a name as "Sears Point" or "Sacramento Raceway." Click through for the results.

Best New Small Car Under $18,000:
Honda Fit LX

Best New Small Car Over $18,000:
Volkswagen Rabbit 2.5

Best New Family Car $22,000 - $30,000:
Toyota Camry LE

Best New Family Car over $30,000:
Toyota Camry Hybrid

Best New Luxury Car under $50,000:
Lexus ES 350

Best New Prestige Car:
Audi S8

Best New Sports/Performance Car Under $50,000:

Best New Sports/Performance Car Over $50,000:
BMW 3-series Coupe

Best New Convertible:
Volkswagen EOS 2.0T

Best New Pickup Truck:
Chevrolet Avalanche

Best New SUV/CUV Under $35,000:
Toyota RAV4 - V6 Sport

Best New SUV/CUV $35,000 - $60,000:
Acura RDX Technology Package

Best New SUV/CUV over $60,000:
Mercedes-Benz GL Class

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