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Although really, this helps out nobody except those out-of-town auto journalists coming in for the auto show who happen to have a mistress PR person here in Detroit waiting for them at the airport — but whatevs, for those three of you (and you know who you are!) — here's some important news. Metro Airport's McNamara terminal, the east-of-Minnesota hub for Northwest Airlines, will be getting its very own cell-phone waiting area, which the Detroit News calls a

1,000-foot-long lane — where drivers can wait for arriving passengers to call for a ride — is on Dingell Drive. It can accommodate at least 50 vehicles, airport officials said.

And yes, that's Dingell as in named after the still-living Representative John Dingell, (D-MI) — so you know, you can now make a ring-ding while parked on Dingell Lane. Hah, I slay me.

Metro airport's McNamara Terminal to get cell phone lane [Detroit News]

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