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There's a line in a song by Cleveland Bound Death Sentence that we've always loved. Part of it's the way Aaron Cometbus wrote it; part of it's the way St. Patrick sings it: "What about the nights drinking down at Passout?/Tasha found a hundred-dollar bill wet on the sidewalk/Split three ways, enough for two bags of speed/And 500 copies of my motherfucking fanzine." Cometbus, of course, never makes a rah-rah in-the-air riot-riot-riot case for anarchism, except for when he uses it as a literary device. In fact, many serious anarchists don't.

But there's a subtle movement toward removing traffic signs in Europe. Tearing down the signs, cobblestoning the streets, and essentially leaving motorists to fend for themselves, based on the idea that over-regulation leads to lead-footed rebellion and a lack of situational awareness leads to caution. Can it work? Below is a video of one of Aaron's bands, Pinhead Gunpowder, from the show where we decided that Jello Biafra was a phony.

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