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The curvaceous Brit Titanic star and hater-of-all-things-skinny, Kate Winslet, is purportedly the muse behind the design of the new Jaguar XK. Apparently, according to Winslet in an interview on NBC's The Tonight Show, the designer saw Winslet as "the ideal woman, and was inspired by the shape of my body or something..." Upon seeing the car, she quipped that she'd have liked to add a bar under the dashboard — and that's certainly a place we'd have to disagree — there's already barely enough room in the passenger seat of the 2+2 brit sports coupe to get two supermodels, much less room for a bar. But we'd have to agree with Winslet that "the headlights aren't big enough" — but she must have forgotten to point out the similarity between the two — both have an ample trunk. But even with that claim, take a look for yourself in the photogallery below and see if you can spot a connection because frankly, we're lost on this one.

[Jaguar XK Gallery]

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