Apparently there's a part of the Toby Keith "Ford truck man" song we must have missed. It's a part of the song that must not have reached the commercials, where Keith pulls out a pocket protector and a tablet PC — and then says

"If you're the type of man who needs to surf the web and check your e-mail on the go, and do it from a ruggedized tablet platform running off of an AMD Geode LX 800 chipset, then you're probably a Ford truck man."

Keith must have said it — because with FoMoCo's new FordLink Mobile Office system, they've gone and done just that — come up with a way to integarate a tablet PC built by Azentek into your Ford truck — acting as the trucks GPS unit, satellite radio system, and surfer of Pr0n. FoMoCo claims it's a system designed for folks who use their truck as their office and want a simplified dealer-installed way to make sure their road office has the same amenities as their real office — namely a computer. We had the opportunity to do a test-run with the system, available only for FoMoCo's Super-Duty trucks, at the automaker's SEMA pre-show blowout two weeks ago, and the video above's the result. Also check out the gallery below and the full specs on the unit below the jump.

[FordLink Mobile Office Gallery]

FordLinkTM Mobile Office System Display - 8.4" TFT LCD with resistive touch, outdoor readable

Display resolution - 800 x 600 (SVGA)

Processor - AMD Geode LX 800

Memory - Flash technology 4 Gigabyte imbedded or 30 gigabyte mini Toshiba hard

Memory RAM - 512 Megabyte

Software Operating System - Microsoft Windows XP Professional

Storage - Internal Flash Module, Compact Flash Slot, HHD or USB options

Enclosure - Magnesium-Aluminum Alloy

Stylus - Included / ruggedized plastic

Protective Jacket - Rugged Rubber Ears

AC/DC Adapter - Input: 90-240 VAC / Output 12VDC, 3.5A

Power Cords - USA

Battery Packs - Lithium-Ion, Internal (14W) Optional External (28W)

Network Interface - PCMCIA, USB 2.0, Bluetooth (built-in) and CF slot in 4GB systems

Wireless - PCMCI Slot / Bluetooth

Input and Controls - Four front buttons; One Oval 4-way, One Power; One for voice

Input / Output Ports - 12V DC-in jack, Microphone in, Headset jack, USB 2.0

Dimensions - 7.9 x 9.6 x .08 inches / 200 x 240 x 18 (mm)

Base Weight - 1.9 lbs (0.86 kg)

Regulatory - FCC Class B, CE, UL

Operating Temperature -10 C to +40 C

Humidity - 0% - 90%

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