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A UK dealership hopes some resident bimbette — or the Fleet Street banker who sweats her — will pay more than double the price of a Nissan Micra C+C just because it's pink, and because it comes with a registration tag reading BAR8IE. It's one of 275 Micra C+C models Nissan delivered in pink to support charity Breakthrough Breast Cancer. But the dealership is working with license tag provider to offer a package deal — 14,750 for the car and 21,500 for the tag, for a total of 36,250. Seems a bit, well, high? Right, well unlike in the states, where vanity tags can be had by the DOT for a nominal fee, in the UK they're big business. The dealership, Chorley Nissan, vowed to make a 250 donation to the charity, and pledged an undisclosed sum. Now all they need is the overindulged wife of a footballer and a fat cheque. Good luck with that.

[via World Car Fans]

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