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Mickey Thompson, of course, was one of the greatest legends of Western-US motorsports. He ran Indy, Bonneville and Baja. He built cars with too many engines. He invented Pope-protection-worthy anti-car barriers. He founded SCORE. And then he went into business with Mike Goodwin, inventor of Supercross, and wound up dead. For the last eighteen years, people have been trying to determine whether there's a correlation.

Attorneys involved have called it the most bitterly-faught case they've ever seen. Cocaine, light aircraft, flying motorcycles, possible pedophiles in clapped-out GM A-bodies, Mexico — it's all there. The LA Weekly has a fantastic only-in-Los Angeles story that's worth the time to plow through. If you're interested in true crime or the inside history of Southern California motorsports, it's an absolute must-read.


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