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We don't know if the tuning engineers at Kicherer cackle menacingly as they show visitors what their cars can do flat out, like the freaks at Brabus reportedly do. Actually, these guys seem to be more reserved sorts, preferring to traffic in flash to add impact to their engine tweakery. The company's new SL EVO package starts with a range-topping Mercedes SL600, to which they boost the biturbo V12's output from 517 hp to 605 hp — in range of the SL 65 AMG's 612 hp. Then, they serve it a sm rg sbord of aero accessories, aiming to keep it groundward at the delimited top speed of 217 mph, and add a hood of carbon fiber to reduce weight. The result is a typical German tuner with AMG hardware in its sights. Whether or not it can defeat the factory boys will likely be settled somewhere on a stretch of autobahn. [Gallery]

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