The preceding video of Marcus Gr nholm and Timo Rautiainen is from (we think) 2005 — it was certainly not from this year, as the Michael Schumacher-esque Gr nholm is on film racing for Peugeot (obvs it occurs before this year when he and his rockin' co-driver, Timo, switched over to Ford Racing). Any sport where one of the potential dangers to a co-driver is explained by the driver taking his fist and shoving it through a hand clenched in an asshole-like circle — that's a sport that scares us. Full translation from the Finnish below the jump.




M:What happened?

T:Something came through to my ass...Oooh, damn!

M:Did it really hurt? What happened?

T: Something came through the floor

M: Do I have to stop?

T: No

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