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Before SEMA overwhelmed us all with gadget trickery and booty shaking, the ninth annual SevenStock enveloped Mazda USA's HQ in sheer rotary madness. Along with the faithful rolling in rotary-powered rides from around the world, Mazda rolled out some historical race machines from its museum into the rabid crowd. This RX-2 won the first race of any Mazda in the US and was a project car for Car and Driver magazine. Former Chrysler engineer and then C&D editor Pat Bedard piloted the little Mazda in the IMSA "Baby Grand" series as a key part of the project. Rules for the running dictated very limited mods and required the compact and subcompact cars to run on street tires! And no, we still don't know Jay Leno even though he does have a Cosmo. Behold the full SevenStock 9 spread in the [Gallery]

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