No, the "Sinister Six" wasn't built by Dr. Octopus to mess with Spiderman's sensibilities. The modded BMW 6-Series convertible is this year's showcase vehicle by car-stereo empire, Alpine. More than 3500 labor-hours (and enough clearcoat to drown the Borax mule team) have given way to a radical-custom rebody and such features as a swiveling banquet in lieu of seats, five monitors built into the dash, 11 amplifiers (for 10,000 watts of power), and taillights created from LCD monitors that show a range of movie clips. Plus, there's no steering wheel, just a chrome knob with which to change direction. The car's builders (real cut-ups, them) offer a video tour of their creation. Don't worry, their day jobs are safe.

[via Carscoop]

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