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We somewhat famously have angst regarding 'Bama. All chick-related crap aside, it is simply not our sort of place. And well, that's basically that, other than it feels vaguely threatening. However, as co-builder John Bossard pointed out to Iowahawk, "When you're from Alabama, rockets and pickup trucks just go together like cole slaw and barbeque, firearms and cornmash, sisters and wives."

This, we cannot argue with. As a vegetarian who does not own any firearms for both his (and everyone else's) protection, we cannot say we entirely relate. But our vehicle does ride on a pickup chassis, and well, pretty much anything powered by a rocket is very fucking cool. Including this 2004 Chevy Silverado SS. Which is more than vaguely-threatening in the most fantastic possible way. In fact, we heard tell Ol' Hockey-Mask Voorhees done shook his boots clean off when they tole him 'bout it.

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