Is The GTA Spano The New Pegaso?

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Spain has a tradition of building beautiful, quickly-forgotten supercars. The newest footnote in that history is GTA Motor's 840-horsepower Spano supercar. Does it have what it takes to be the Iberian Pagani?

The Spano Concept debuted at Geneva last year, but we've been teased about this V10-powered car since 2009.


Like all of these startup supercars, the specs are a few steps up from those of established carmakers. While the brand-new Ferrari F12berlinetta has 730 horsepower, the Spano has 840. The Ferrari gets to 60 in 3.1 seconds, the Spano only takes 2.9. The two cars both have seven speed gearboxes, but the Spano's is sequential.

GTA Motors claims it weighs in at 2,970 pounds, thanks to a cocktail of carbon fiber honeycomb and Kevlar. It's rumored that it will cost something around three quarters of a million dollars.

[gallery 5891351]The Spano has to come across as unbelievably fast and expensive because it doesn't have any prestige to fall back on, and its styling is nowhere near as eye-catching as a Lamborghini or Pagani.


Do you think it will be a success, or just another here today, gone tomorrow supercar?

Photo Credit: (c) Guillaume P. Boppe / Flickr

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Reminds me from this old bit from SniffPetrol, actually it works for pretty much any one of these companies.