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We've been fascinated by the Salton Sea ever since we first saw it on a map as a little kid. What was this odd lake out in the vast wastes of Southeastern California? But we've never been. When the Hot Snakes released Automatic Midnight in 1999, featuring the track "Salton City," with its haunting "Give us a kiss!" meme, throbbing organ bassline, and inscrutable but entirely evocative lyrics, we got hooked again. We also rather like that Val Kilmer film where Vincent D'Onofrio has no nose. But we've never been there. We're haunted by the place, however, and a pilgrimage must be made in appropriate vehicle. And this vehicle feels entirely appropriate. The problem is, it's so damn busted and rusted, we don't know what it is. So what is it? Give us a kiss!

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