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• Yes, it is totally about politics — but, retraining workers is a good idea. [Detroit News]
• China. The final frontier. These are the voyages of the spaceship Bill Ford. His purpose? To seek out cheaper manufacturing and new demographics to exploit — to boldly go where FoMoCo has never gone before. [WSJ]
• John Murphy at Merrill Lynch downgrades the General — must have been because of the 77% rise in stock prices. Heavens no, Merrill'd never want clients to make too much of a profit. Or, more likely, he knows something we know too. [Freep]
• The Prius is the thinking man's chick magnet? Yeah — if he never wants to ever get laid. [AutoblogGreen]

• Jump start your heart and your car. Yup, charge it up if it's running down. [Gizmodo]