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We write many items in the space of a week. We know what burnout is like. We know how easy it is to fall back on time-tested gems like "" and "the answer to the question that absolutely nobody is asking." Or alternately crap about Detroit that nobody but Detroiters would care about, like the Ham Center. (Which, to be fair, is actually in Warren.) And well, we feel like the Autoextremist has fallen into retread mode: once again, he's bashing Motor Trend's Car/Truck/SUV/Skateboard/Unicycle of the Year award. That said, his deconstruction is good, and we're very much opposed to the sorts of synergies the Sweeter Peter is on about here.

Out of touch and out of time - thank goodness for the "New and Improved" Motor Trend. [Autoextremist]

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