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Nearly a half-century before Plymouth became an asterisk on Chrysler Group's balance sheet, the company created a one-off concept signifying the early years of the space race. The Plymouth Tornado, built on the bones of a 1958 Fury, was a design perfectly suited to its time — despite having the face of a clown fish — but was likely outdated within its first six months of life. Recently the subject of a $150,000 restoration job ($22,000 for the push-button tranny alone), the Toronado's being auctioned by Red Baron's. Hopefully the collectors market will support such an indulgence, or the car's owner has another shirt, because he's probably going to lose the one he's got on.

1958 Plymouth Tornado, A One-of-a-Kind Concept Car With a Colorful History, To Be Sold by Red Baron's [Automotoportal]

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