Lexus's Austrailian aftermarket team went arse over tit for 50 Cent's chrome Lamborghini, to paraphrase today's press release. So much so that the accessory squad worked up a chrome-like IS250 for the Oz market. It's layered in Alsa Corp.'s MirraChrome paint, a reflective formulation that contains microscopic bits of shiny metal, giving it the look of chrome without the six-figure bodyshop bill. In production since earlier this year, the special IS also gets Lexus factory add-ons including a body kit comprising front lower spoiler, side skirts, rear lower skirt and trunk spoiler, and polished alloys. If you happen to find yourself on that side of the globe, you can check it out at the Sydney show, right next to the AC/DC-themed fried-out combi display. [Gallery]

[via World Car Fans]


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