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George Clooney and Julia Roberts might want to look twice at the eco-tab they're running up before staring daggers at SUV owners. The celeb-watchers at TMZ have compiled a list of celebs well known for huffing recirculated methane — as they drive off in their Prii, or in Clooney's case, tearing around Hollywood in an electric supercar the size of Buddy Hackett's sock drawer. Apparently some of the A-list celebs who most vocally oppose gas guzzlers — further including Brad Pitt and J-Lo — eschew the fuel efficient and communitarian commercial airline system for private planes, which...

take down more rotgut in an evening than the Baldwin Brothers. Although a Prius may take fewer stops at the pump, you'd have to ride it to the moon to make up for the 11,000 gallons of jet fuel, say, Pitt scarfed on his flight to Namibia to pick up Brangelina's latest little bundle of joy. Thank goodness daddy's doing his part to save the world. [Hat tip to kevinmckenna!]

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