The Chevy Camaro ZL1 convertible was just announced this morning, and already it's been topped by John Hennessey. Why settle for 580 HP when you can get 655 HP and a promise of exclusivity?

To mark his 20th year of building insane cars, Hennessey will roll out this spiced-up version of the Camaro. The 20th Anniversary Edition HPE650 will be limited to 20 copies, each done up in black-on-black paint, and available as either coupe or top-dropper. You can even get one with an automatic, so help us.


Those extra ponies allow the HPE650 to punch through 60 mph at 3.7 seconds and pull a quarter-mile in 11.7 ticks. We assume the convertible version might be a touch slower in return for letting the wind blow freely through your mullet.