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• WTF? The New York Times thinks it can come up with a "Top Ten List of Auto Sites" — much less determine which sites are snarky and which are authoritative? Who the hell over there thinks they know...oh. We should have known. That whore. [NYT]
• C'mon FoMoCo — we know you can beat the General! You can do it! [Freep]
• Mulally and l'cream puff talked with Wall Street analysts yesterday — and stressed product streamlining and cost management. The Wall Street analysts didn't eat l'cream puff — even if he's so tasty. [Detroit News]
• Wait, you mean there's more? Oh wait, it's a "special" section. [NYT]

• As American as baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and profiting from human misery. Don't forget Chevrolet! []