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On its own, a Lamborghini Murcielago kicks the crap out of it. But as soon as you bolt a pair of amythyst-encrusted dubs on the damn thing, the Samara leaps to the forefront of awesomeness faster than Carl Lewis with a General Electric turbofan wedged in his booty and JATO units strapped to his considerable biceps. And you know for a fact that Asanti, Lexani, P. Diddy, or Shaniqua will do just that in the mammoth tire-and-wheel pukefest at this year's SEMA Show.

Meanwhile, in Soviet Domestic Market guise, the damn thing was originally known as "Sputnik," which is such a ridiculously awesome moniker that we once bestowed it upon a kitten at the age of ten. In contrast, the Murcielago is named after a bull named "Bat." And while bats and gats are cool, beeping spheres that instill fear in half the planet do sonar-having airborne rodents and Glock nines one better. Even with the male bovine quotient factored into contention. Wanna be a real balla? Roll correct in a goddamn Lada.

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