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Here's the problem with people who in any way, shape or form desire wish to own a Lamborghini replica. They "overuse" "quotation" "marks." Case in point, from the Kit Car Magazine site: "There have been many attempts to disguise the real 'power plant' [sic] but none have come close enough to 'pass' as the original V12, until now." Because "powerplant" and "pass" are edgy terms the kids use these days, don'tcha know.

Meanwhile, you can now make your LS1 look like a Lambo motor. And the only way this would be awesome if said LS1 was transplanted into a clapped-out Chevette with a full cage and impeccable running gear while retaining the gaping rust-maws in the floorboards.


Disguising Your replica Lambo's Engine bay [Kit Car Magazine via Rascally Rabbit: Japan Tuning Shop's MR2-Based Pagani Zonda Clone [Internal]