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You'll forgive the pun, but as I sit here in a Dearborn Starbucks, I'm listening to two fan-boys spout off on whether Episode III was better than Episode V — which as everyone knows, isn't even a contest. Which brings me full-vicious-circle to the last of FoMoCo's immortal trilogy that is the automaker's preview of SEMA offerings (sans one toy you'll be seeing tomorrow). This third one is straight out of the body kit shop of 3dCarbon. We'll let 3dCarbon take it from here and tell you a bit about the product, a six-piece kit including a front air dam, side skirts, a rear lower skirt, an upper deck spoiler and a rear deck spoiler:

"Aerodynamic styling inspired by the love of the Autobahn, the Euro Series Styling Kit sets the Fusion apart with a road hugging stance that exudes confidence. Officially licensed by Ford — engineered & manufactured by 3dCarbon. All kit components are manufactured in flexible high pressure injected urethane..."

It certainly all seems to give the Fusion a bit of a meaner stance — and is a definite improvement over the plainer-Jane base version. Oh yeah, it's also got AWD and a set of Brembo black brake calipers with drilled rotors. Plus, Episode V's better than III — Luke gets his friggin' hand chopped off for pete's sake. Full gallery of the 3dCarbon hotness via the link below.

[Ford Fusion by 3dCarbon Gallery]

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