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The second pimped-out performance ride we had the opportunity to taste this morning at the Dearborn Development Center was a meaty F-150 pickup seasoned with an FX2 package and then spiced-out with add-on accessories straight from the pages of Ford accessories catalogs. That's the message the FoMoCo media mommies were pushing today — that this pickup with pick-up (the 5.4 liter V8 delivers 450hp to be precise, thanks to a Ford racing screw-type supercharger with ceramic-coated headers and Ford Racing side exhausts) could be designed by any die-hard Ford truck man (or woman, I'm sure) just by checking the right boxes on FoMoCo's in-house parts catalog. In addition to some neat little touches to the outside of the truck including a dark billet grille, headlamp treatments, monochromatic paint and "unique wheels" it also sports some neat techie features like headrest mounted video entertainment units for the little 'uns and a line-in on the top of the dashboard — plus it's got a hard fiberglass tonneau cover to close-up the rear end from the elements. But despite the interior prettiness, as you can see from the photo above, the most attractive feature are the 450 horses under the hood, giving you more than enough go to take care of getting your ass to the job site and back in style. Smokey burnouts not included. Full gallery via the link below.

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