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I had the opportunity to accept an invite from FoMoCo to catch a little preview of the SEMA show this morning at the automaker's Dearborn Development Center. The boys n' girls from Dearborn gave us a quick sneak peek at three of the special edition vehicles they'll be showing at the end of the month in Las Vegas, baby, Vegas. The first of the three was this sweet number you've got in front of you. It's the SEMA edition Mustang — and atop the already slick performing GT — Ford's kiddies strapped a Lycoming supercharger, some new headers and exhaust tips pulled right from Ford's Racing Performance Parts (NAMBLA) catalog — all of which give this California special body kit-wearing, 18-inch black Bullit wheeled, Shelby rear-spoiler-sporting muscle car an extra few horses over the standard GT (FoMoCo folks on the scene were hesitant to give the exact number, but guesstimated it to be around 435). Pretty snazzy if you ask us — and take a look yourself at the gallery via the link below.

[2006 SEMA Mustang Gallery]

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