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• GM shares hit a 52-week high — generally that's pretty good considering what Ford did yesterday. [Freep]
• So if Chrysler can't account for 50,000 vehicles — does that mean they can't find them? If we find them do we get a reward? [NYT]
• Japan, Inc. will retain its pride — despite the many recalls. [Detroit News]
• Yelp co-founder Russell Simmons got himself a brand-new Audi S4. Is nice, yes? [Valleywag]
• Alan Mulally's talking about a "shift in doing business" — is that like a "way forward?" Sure doesn't sound like one to us — it sounds like something real this time. [NYT]

• Finally, someone agrees that yes — car brands do have DNA. Unfortunately, it's USA Today. This so doesn't do anything to make our case. [USA Today]