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Besides humping it over hill and dale in the FJ Cruiser, we didn't find a whole lot to like about Birmingham, Alabama. But one bright spot was the sighting of a bas-relief, 3D Chik-fil-A billboard, a sight familiar from our days in Texas.

Truett Cathy, the founder of the Atlanta-based chain, credits the success of his company with Ford plant workers in Hapeville, GA, who worked across the street from his Dwarf Grill, which spawned the sandwich. As such, he's worked with the people at FoMoCo to purchase the last Taurus off the production line, no doubt to give his hard-working sign-painting inanimate cows some measure of reward. We can't wait for the Chik-fil-A robocalves. Even Wert, we think, would dig those. Meanwhile, One o' them said they'd buy me lunch. But I don't see nobody taking me to Chick-fil-A. [Thanks to everyone who sent this one in.]

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