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Our brother/sister site obsessed with music, we are flattered to learn, was so tickled by the phraseology we used to explain an orgasmic display of American patriotism — such as that displayed in the new Toby Keith Ford truck ads or the Mellencamp-soundtracked Chevy Silverado ads — they now want nothing more than to experience a Toby Keith-flavored "amerigasm" of their own. They're issuing a call to arms — a plea of help — an ecstasy-filled scream — to all of America's red-blooded and patriotic journalists to help them in their quest to find:

"The first person to write a professional review or article mentioning Keith's "Amerigasmic" ways will not only get our undying admiration, but they'll also get their work posted and praised on Idolator."

All we've got to say is now that Toby's stickied us with his amerigasm, we're looking forward to watching our brother/sister-site get their own love-shower.

Toby Keith Votes Yes On "Amerigasm," No On Sarcasm [Idolator]

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