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The shiny wheel company from way, way back, Cragar, is launching a line of turnkey special-edition vehicles, starting with one based on the 2006 Ford Mustang. Filling the spec sheet are Cragar aftermarket toys including high-performance disc brakes and drilled rotors; S/S 20x10" wheels; cat-back exhaust system; cold-air intake via add-on hood scoop; Special Edition interior accents, including shift knob and floor mats, and optional 1970s-era rear window louvers. Buyers — who can purchase the cars at select Ford dealers — also get a swag bag that includes Cragar Special Edition hat, jacket, S/S key chain, and a free subscription to Hot Rod. What more could an old-school rodder want, except say, an old-school rod. [Gallery] [Thanks to Dave for the tip.]

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