The Last Saabs Ever Built, Left To Rot At A New Jersey Port

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The guys over at Found Our Own Road went looking for the hundreds of new Saabs held in limbo at the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey's vehicle shipping and processing center due to Saab's forced bankruptcy.


The two intrepid automotive explorers expected to find a locked building. Instead, they found hundreds of new Saabs — the last Saabs likely ever made — sitting outside, left to rot in the salty air of a New Jersey port.

Let's let Found Our Own Road take it from here:

"I thought we were just going to locate building 263 at the car port facility and be left only wondering what cars were parked inside. That's not what we found. At least 100-200 cars are parked outside. It was so startling and saddening that we had to go back for a better look with DeLorean this evening.

It seemed like they are parked in clusters, with bunches of 9-3s together and the two visible sport combis tossed in... There were 9-5s everywhere... The cars have brake rotor covers, large pieces of paper in the driver's side rear windows with their VINs and a fair amount of Jersey grossness on them."

It must have been a very strange sight to see the last Saabs ever built sitting there — left for dead.

Although I've said this once before — when I toured the bankruptcy auction for Saab's North American HQ — but this seems like such a sad way for such a storied brand to die.


I wish there was a way to free these poor, sad beasts. Sadly, that won't be happening anytime soon — the bankruptcy hearings in Delaware aren't what you'd call a "quick" process.


Such a shame.


"Last Saabs ever?"

I doubt it... Their latest model seems like a real bargain compared to its main competitor, the Lockheed F-35. Sweden's buying a bunch (natch), Switzerland just signed a deal, Brazil is in the midst of a test drive, and a few other countries are kicking the tires.

When (not if) the F-35 program goes tits up, dealer's won't be able to keep these babies in the lots!

The "build your own" feature on their website appears to be down, unfortunately.