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Sacr bleu! Wards Auto World reports Citr en is considering a sortie into Canada, a move that would position its cars closer to the US border than at any time since grey-market importation ended in the 1990s. Such a plan would give PSA, now executing a worldwide expansion push, an operations base from which it could reenter the American market in a few years and an established base of native French speakers as customers. PSA has a few conditions in its favor: Canada's homologation rules are less strict than those in the US, the company's finely hewn diesels mesh with Canada's lean toward regulating emissions under Euro-4 standards (which favor lowering CO2 over California's NO2-reduction focus) and the Quebecois can pronounce its name correctly.

Citroen Considers Selling Cars in Canada [Wards Auto via Autoblog]

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