How To Remove A Lotus Elise Engine in 2.5 Hours

Lotus cup driver Andreas Holzleithner enters the tortuous arena of his garage to pull the engine out of his Exige-bodied Mk1 Elise racer. Over two-and-a-half hours, how many licks will it take to get to the motor in the middle?

Let's make a list:

Remove the rear wheels
Remove the airbox
Remove the rear wheelarches
Remove the rear spoiler
Remove the rear clamshell
Remove the diffuser
Remove the rear brake calipers and disks
Remove the rear uprights
Remove the muffler
Remove the exhaust manifold
Remove the rear dampers
Remove the driveshafts
Dismount the lower wishbone (you only have to dismount this one)
Open the subframe screws and torque arms (again, only open these)
Remove the subframe itself
Remove the roof
Open the window to the engine
Remove the front hood
Disconnect the battery
Remove the wiring loom
Remove the last torque arm
Disconnect the engine mounts
Unplug the cooling system
Remove the gear linkage kit


NOW you can remove the engine. And now, too, you understand what separates exotic cars from just plain fast ones.

(Hat tip to nuklearwanze!)

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Matt Brown

It's way easier to remove a GT500 engine.