Watch A Troop Of Baboons Test Out A New Hyundai

To test out the durability of their new i30 Hyundai UK decided to let "some real cheeky monkeys"—their words, not ours—loose on the car and the resulting video footage is a strange sight that must be seen.


We don't often go in for these kind of obvious PR stunts and we couldn't care less about how the car stood up, but there's something incredibly amusing about seeing baboons crawling around a new i30.

What does it actually prove? We'd say nothing beyond the fact beyond the fact Hyundai UK are really stepping up their game when it comes to using baboons to sell compact cars.

Hat tip to Desu-San-Desu!



Wouldn't the results be pretty much the same in any car with the test... I mean apart from VW and a Toyota Corolla, those would be in pieces.