Our putting Stephen Colbert on notice earlier this week appears to have rallied the nation's Colbert-fancying video-production community. Check out this clip, created by one such member for the "Stephen Colbert Green Screen Challenge." He (or her!) leveraged the Chevrolet Silverado ad Colbert and his toadies stole from us last week, inserting Jedi Colbert as an uninvited guest of Mellencamp, Parks, Hula Hoop Girl, et al. Will this deep right-wing nut and his minions stop at nothing to enforce an agenda of unprovable theft and digital-video geekery, when all we ask for is a simple apology? All signs point to yes. Of course, in defiance of Colbert's camera-clogging compadres, O'Reilly, Hannity, Coulter, Merv Griffin, he remains mum on the subject.

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