It's like a scene from "National Lampoon's Nurburgring Vacation": "Look kids, Porsche Panamera Mule. Look kids, Porsche Panamera Mule. Look kids ..." Today, new photos of the now famous "Blue Mule" Porsche Panamera, caught testing in Germany and southern Spain, have emerged from the ether. It's a matter of filling column inches at this point, considering we've seen the odd, royal-blue tester before in various settings — this time we get some new camera angles. The four-door Porker is destined for the 2009 Geneva show, which is a tremendous pain because finding a hotel room in that city is like talking a supermodel out of her panties for a $5 bet. Nonetheless, the anticipation of a Porsche that seats four in adult comfort is almost too tantalizing not to capitalize on even the slighest wisp of information. That is, at base, what's happening here.

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