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ā€¢ Biggest news of the day is still that Mel's drinking again. But will he drive and does he still think Wert's the cause of all wars? [MSNBC]
ā€¢ We kid ā€” the General's the thing today. Some silliness about a deal, or no deal? [Detroit News, Freep, NYT]
ā€¢ Never mind the bollocks or a 280 mph crash, it's Top Gear! UK driving show to return, begins work on rest of season. Clarkson still in persistive vegetative state. [The Sun]
ā€¢ American Axle continues the buyout trend ā€” offers 6,000 their own deal or no deal. [Freep]

ā€¢ Ghosn now turns his lonely eyes to Ford, woo-woo-woo. [Detroit News]