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Those lusting after Australia's Holden Commodore super sedans may soon see the objects of their desire in a Pontiac dealership as early as next year. Australia's is reporting that GM plans to unveil a rebadged Commodore as a Pontiac product at the 2007 Chicago Auto Show. That car will reportedly go on sale later in 2007. The site quotes Maxi-Bob Lutz as saying, "Come to the Chicago auto show and all will be revealed," after calling the fruit of Holden's $1 billion Commodore project one of "the best vehicles GM has produced." It's a speculative leap to be sure, but if the rear-drive sedan did come to Pontiac in such a short timeframe, it would be a crucial show of support for the division's future, which wouldn't go unnoticed among Pontiac fans whose battle cry has become, "Remember the Aztec!"

[via Edmunds]

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