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Although gas prices have dropped over recent weeks, every analyst worth his or her weight in Saudi riyals think the cost of fuel's going nowhere but up. And the automakers, especially the domestics, have seen a major flight to small cars with high mpg and low price tags...but also with a correspondingly low margin. But since the engineering staff at the traditional "Big Three" has been kind of busy building big rough and tumble SUV's and trucks, there hasn't been much of late in the US product pipeline to drop into production to satisfy demand. That's where other holdings, like GM's Opel brand come in. They're the new Saturn, you know...and according to Maximum Bob Lutz (care of Automotive News) they've got a teeny little hot hatch called the Corsa that'd fit right into Saturn's lineup. Great, problem solved, right? Yeah, except for Lutz also saying it won't be coming over for five years. D'oh! [Gallery]

Next Opel Corsa to be sold in U.S. (sub. req.) [Automotive News]

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