Your Top Gear Infoporn Is Here

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Are you a Top Gear fan? Probably. Have you been spending the last few weekends making a huge chart of Stig-driven lap times of cars around the Top Gear track? If so, then wad up that glitter-covered, elbow macaroni-encrusted, crayon-smeared piece of crap. The nice folks at Boost Labs have made you the definitive Top Gear track infographic.


If you were to print this out (and you should, on a company printer) it would be two feet wide and seven feet tall, so it's also the perfect solution for your water-stain or drywall hole problem as well. The chart gives lap times from every car driven by the Stig on the track since 2002— 18 seasons of the BBC show. It's a great argument-solving tool, and seeing all this data together in one place reveals all sorts of interesting facts. Like this one: only three cars were unable to finish their laps, a Porsche 959, Ferrari F40, and a Reliant Robin, which makes possibly the only time in history the Robin has been lumped in with those two other cars.

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They also list the top 10 most affordable cars, but any list of affordable cars with a Ford GT on it needs to be taken in context. The most affordable car on the list, the Ariel Atom 2, is also cited as the lightest and most affordable speed car, and the Atom's big brother, the Atom 500 V8, takes the prize for fastest overall lap, at an astonishing 1:15.01.

Rounding up all the goodness is a lovely image of the Stig (suitable for transferring onto your body pillow, for hugging) and a handy map of the Top Gear Track, with the corners named and marked.

There's a nice big JPG here, but if you're serious, grab the PDF from the Boost site for printing.


LandofMinos: ...sent down to strike the unroadworthy!

Ever since the announcement was made that Top Gear UK won't be screening until next year thanks to something called The Limpdick Games... I can't help but feel like a heroin junkie who's only dealer just got busted.

I've been scrounging through old files to find scraps of old 'Gear I haven't seen recently, I've gone on the internet to find that one clip I haven't seen yet. I've tried other sources to get my high, 5th Gear, TG AU, TG US but I'm still chasing the first high I get when watching a brand new TG UK...


They're going to find me dead in an alleyway, OD'd on bad formulae; an old laptop clutched in my frozen hands with Chris Harris's face on the screen.